Do you know the reason why a “single” person doesn’t feel loneliness?

That’s because when you feel lonely,
It means there is someone for you to miss.

– Yuri Obata ((Bokura ga Ita / We Were There)

After all this time, after being by your side and always looking after you, I failed to make a place for myself deep within your heart.

– Takeuchi Masafumin (Bokura ga Ita / We Were There)
Diametric: I want to be with you forever....


Train Man: I thought I’d be like this forever. Always be alone, wandering around Akihabara, avoiding making eye contact with people, only talking to people online… But I was fine with it. Even when I’m old and alone, I’d be fine. But I came to feel scared.

I was so happy. It was my first time…

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Japanese Drama Reviews: Densha Otoko (電車男) 2005



Rating: 8/10

Recommend: If you’re up for a very sweet real life story with lots of comedy, then yes!


I think everyone knows what the story is about, but anyway..

Densha Otoko, or Train Man, is a real life story about a geek who fell in love with a beautiful office lady. Ito…

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This feeling I’ve felt from that day…

This feeling that has…

grown so big.

- Kazehaya Shōta

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I’m thankful from the bottom of my heart that I was able to meet you
I want to protect your smile
I finally thought of the words only I can say
As my feelings reach you, I want our hearts to unite
I want these words to reach you
The three simple words, “I love you.”

– flumpool - Kimi ni Todoke (Kimi ni Todoke Theme)

"Change is never fine. They say it is, but it’s not" - Sheldon Cooper

When you’re waiting for someone you like, time seems to be eternally long. And when you’re with them, it passes in an instant.

– Densha Otoko

Do you have any idea what it feels like… not being able to confess one’s love?

Moonlight destiny
I want to be with you more than anyone, forever
You, who fate drew me to under this vast sky
Moonlight destiny
We’ll share all our joy and pain
In my heart that’s how I feel, when I am with you

Asakawa Hiroko - Moonlight Destiny (Sailor Moon)

I can’t face the thought of being alone
I sing for the song still carries on
let me sing of the thoughts, i hold in my heart
even if there’s no voice left.

Sing without you
I’ll sing without you
Can’t you feel my pain
There’s nothing I can do

I still have a longing for your memory
Even if it’s just pain,
I want to tell you what’s in my heart.

– X Japan - Longing

welcome home, sweetheart
a place to go home to
thanks for your love

pretending to be alright again
to paint out the color of sadness
i just laugh it off

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